September 2018 – Letter From the Publisher

Nate Hoelzen
President, Arizona Journal of Real Estate & Business 

Dear Readers,

In our industry, we find success through satisfying our clients. For that, you need to know what their needs are. But what happens if the client is not able to articulate exactly what they are looking for? It is imperative for you, the expert, to help the client find a home that fits their style. Knowing various architectural styles will help you and your client narrow down the search. Understanding the historical significance of certain styles will also help guide your client to a home they will love.

In Phoenix, historical homes, and even mid-century modern homes, have become very popular in recent years. These unique homes are 60 to 90 years old now and will very likely need some form of updating. It’s important to explain to an interested client the kind of renovations and upkeep this type of home may need. By the same token, being able to suggest ideas for possible renovations could help you seal the deal with your client. Further, knowing which renovations are appropriate for a certain style will help clients visualize the end result. Also, having that extra knowledge makes you a great resource — and a referral magnet!

Do you gravitate toward a certain style? Specializing in that style would allow you to further market yourself as an expert in that area. By specializing, you are able to meet the precise needs of a client looking for a home within your expertise.

In the luxury homes industry, those who become the specialization experts flourish. These are agents able to meet every need their clients have. This Journal issue discusses all aspects of the luxury home buying and selling experience. We have included topics such as what a luxury home is, how to enhance the buying experience, appraising a luxury home, and the legality of the process.

If you’re interested in learning more about this topic, join us for this month’s seminar, Luxury Homes. In this seminar, we will cover the current luxury home market and the trends therein. You will also learn how to keep buyers and sellers focused on what’s important. In this growing industry, it is imperative to understand the process and use all available information to serve current and future clients.

Nate Hoelzen