A Letter from Our New Partner: Teaming Up for Your Success

Jim Hogan
Hogan School of Real Estate 

It’s hard to believe that 45+ years ago I opened Hogan School of Real Estate in Tucson and now we’ve joined forces with the Arizona School of Real Estate and Business (ASREB). Looking back, it’s hard to believe that in my first month I taught only four students in night class and two in day class. The next month, none at night and only one in the morning. Since then, we’ve come a long way. We have been blessed with good fortune thanks to all of the wonderful people who put their trust in us to deliver a solid foundation of education. That trust continues to be paramount to us as the world of real estate changes.

Beginning in 2019, aspiring Arizona real estate agents will be able to complete their 90-hour pre-license education online. These online courses offer students the convenience and flexibility to get a real estate license on their own terms, at their own pace. Though, if you’re able, please consider it’s often said that a classroom offers a better overall educational experience – learning from peers and developing lasting relationships are important for a successful career. I recognize that the world is changing and the need to “go digital” is an imperative to stay relevant and connected. That’s why I’ve spent more than a year developing a course that will bring a classroom feel and Arizona-specific knowledge to the entire world, online. With our state-wide presence, ASREB and Hogan will provide students the highest quality classroom courses, engaging online education, and the ability to combine their online and classroom experiences through our innovative Hybrid Pre-license Program.

In addition to the launch of online pre-licensing in 2019, the pre-license course curriculum for brokers and salespersons will change and the state exam will be revised. Our course materials and tests are revised and ready for you, so rest assured that our pass rates will continue to be the best in the state. Your success is our success.

For over 40 years, real estate licensees have relied on ASREB and Hogan as a resource and guide to map out their real estate education and successful careers. The combined assets of our schools will enable agents to have access to a greater variety of classes with more choices for both residential and commercial agents, as well as property managers and investors.

As for me, I will continue to develop and teach classes, and contribute ideas to make sure that Arizona School of Real Estate and Business and Hogan School of Real Estate live up to your expectations and maintain your trust. Here’s to another fantastic 45, together.