You Have a Sphere…Now What?

Jamie Ciocchetti
DeLex Realty


When you first start out in Real Estate you were probably told to put together your sphere of influence. Your sphere should include everyone you have any sort of contact with. We list out “all” the people we know “who like us.” We have included past co-workers, friends, family members, parents of our children’s friends, our spouse’s friends and co-workers, parent’s friends, doctor, dentist and anyone else you may have any sort of relationship with. You look at this list and think, “Great, now what?”

This sphere of influence can be instrumental in the success of your real estate career, if you use it. Once you have created your initial sphere of influence you need to start engaging with them. I recommend sending out an initial email announcing your new career in real estate. Let them know that this is great news for them because now they have a person they can go to for all their real estate needs. Be sure to let them know that you will be able to help them with their real estate sales and purchases but can also help if they have questions regarding housing prices or want to know about a house down the street that just sold.

Emailing your announcement is a great way to communicate to those you have an email address for, but don’t forget about the people you come across every day whom you may not have contact information for. The banker, the grocery store clerk, the person at the post office. These are people who you “know” and can add to your sphere. Create a nice card announcing your new position and include, on the card, a picture so if they don’t recognize your name they will recognize your face.

Don’t forget that social media plays a huge role in communicating with your sphere. The friends and connections you have through your social media sites are all part of your sphere, and you do not want to neglect them. Engage with their posts, start conversations with them, and don’t be shy to announce to the social media world that you are an agent.

The key to success with your sphere is communication. Be creative. You want them to read it so take your time and put a lot of thought into your announcement. Once you have announced your position, be sure to block out time in your day, every day, to communicate with your sphere. Make phone calls, send emails, text, or a nice handwritten note. It is important to take the time, so when they have real estate needs, you will be the first person they come to.