Ask “The Assistant”

Jamie Wagner
Founder, “The Assistant”


Movin’ on . . . Have you noticed lately how many people, from all walks of life, are reevaluating their plans for the future and seem to be facing major changes? Statistics indicate that next to the loss of a loved one, divorce, or ill health, “moving” is considered one of the top five stress factors in many people’s lives. Regardless of whether a move is across town, to another part of the state, or across Country, the buyers and sellers experience all kinds of emotional ups and downs. Whether a move is planned or unplanned, I think most of us can agree that the experience can be exciting on the one hand but can also be a source of a great deal of anxiety on the other. Potential clients may be motivated to move due to downsizing or upsizing, maybe they’re retiring or just starting, or they think they’ll be happier being closer to family or the grandkids. There could be a change in health, finances, employment, marital status, family size, weather preferences, lifestyle, or maybe they’re just ready for a change.


Is It Really Time for a Change? 

Your buyer or seller finally makes the decision for this big change, but during the process he or she may find themselves saying, “goodbye” to; lifelong friends, family, and neighbors, their favorite grocery store or restaurant that is just around the corner, and many other places that make the area their home. Then while taking time to de-clutter, they stumble across those old photos that bring back cherished memories or hear an old song that takes them back, and if that weren’t enough, the neighbors and friends start stopping by to reminisce about all those good old times shared. The moving process then seems to bring them to a breaking point, and they start to second guess the validity of their decision in the first place.


The Big “Why” 

As real estate professionals, what we understand and do here can make all the difference in the world, as to whether the client moves on with confidence, excitement and in anticipation of a new beginning, or whether they stay stuck in the mire of indecision and uncertainty. Our job then is to have empathy or have the ability to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes by really listening and demonstrating effective communication instead of jumping to conclusions to help them recognize that their natural feelings have been temporarily overshadowed and forgotten by fear, worry, and doubt. It’s not as much about the “What” as it is to uncover their initial heartfelt objectives – the “Why” they’re moving in the first place. A slight shift here in their perception can make all the difference in helping the transaction move forward.


A New Beginning! 

Again, as real estate pros, it’s incumbent upon us to help the client understand that there are three distinct parts to making a homestead transition; 1) an ending to a current situation, 2) a transformational period, and 3) the beginning of a new opportunity. Once the buyer or seller has taken the first step and decided to commit to moving, they are now in the process of ending their current situation. The second part to the transition then, and the most important is the transformational period, where they stop and take the time to explore new possibilities and get a clear vision of where they want to live, what type of place they want to call home, and determine the kind of lifestyle they want to experience. Finally, focus on the third and final step, by helping them take their eyes off the door that’s closing so they don’t miss the one that’s opening. Then they ultimately find it’s not necessary to force themselves to take action after all because they’re being pulled along by a heartfelt desire instead of being pushed by indecision and insignificant outside influences. The adventure of moving is in the discovery of a new neighborhood, making new friends, decorating, pursuing new opportunities along the way, and finding that special hairdresser that’s even better than the last one! Since you helped them allow their new beginning to unfold, they can now discover that special place to again call “HOME!”