February 2020 – Letter From the School VP

Greg Muir
Executive Vice President, Arizona Journal of Real Estate & Business 


Dear Friends,

Welcome to the second month of the new decade! Are you making positive progress toward the goals you’ve set for yourself? Take a moment this month to ensure you’re on the right track and heading down your path to success, whatever that means for you.

In this month’s issue of the Journal, you’ll be given insight into an industry that continues to grow in popularity: flipping properties. There are countless TV shows that highlight the glamorous side of these projects, but it’s not as easy as it looks. Many newcomers often overcommit themselves without a full understanding of what it takes to generate a profit. This is a quick way to lose all your money on an investment. Take notes from the area professionals in this issue to learn if the “fixing and flipping” industry is the right move for you.

Mark your calendar for one of the most popular events in our seminar series, “Find It, Fix It, Flip It” on Thursday, February 28, 2020 at our Scottsdale campus. Join us to learn the “do’s and don’ts” of flipping properties from leading experts in the industry. You’ll leave this event with a strong understanding of how to identify a good investment, develop a business plan, and find financing. The experts will also share tips on how to select a contractor and other valuable connections you may need to make to be successful. This event is a great way to make new connections and ensure you’re meeting your potential.



Greg Muir

Executive Vice President