April 2020 – Letter From the School VP

Greg Muir
Executive Vice President, Arizona Journal of Real Estate & Business 


Dear Friends,

Can you believe Spring is already here? I hope this first quarter of the new decade has been successful for all of you! Now is a great time to do a quarterly check-in on your 2020 goals and make sure you’re where you need to be.

In this issue of The Journal, we’ll discuss the many ways to serve and sell a listing. Industry experts will share advice and best practices to help you be successful in your real estate career. Whether it’s tips for managing multiple offers, building relationships to get new leads, or the Arizona market forecast, you’re sure to find something in this issue to help you in the field.

I hope you will join us for the next event in our seminar series, “50 Ways to Serve and Sell a Listing,” on April 24th via live stream. You’ll have the opportunity to learn from knowledgeable professionals in the field about current trends and tools of the trade. This seminar will help make sure you’re equipped to manage multiple offers. Visit asreb.com/seminars to register today.



Greg Muir

Executive Vice President