Building Relationships Getting New Leads/Listings

Suzanne Fuqua


Building relationships is about developing your SOI, or your “sphere of influence.” You will want to start by creating a database from your cell phone. Those leads are people that you know well enough to recognize and say hello to in the grocery store. You may also extend your database with your LinkedIn local connections. Then you can even go to your Facebook account and find acquaintances in your area that might be added to the list. Create four categories for these leads. The first category is their first and last name, the second is their email address, the third is their home address and the last one is their birthday. Now you have made a master list of connections that you can create a constant stream of leads and listings from. To convert this connection into a lead, you need to make sure you have a valid contact for each connection and receive permission to have a two-way conversation. These contacts are not necessarily the buyers or sellers. They are people you know. The idea is that when you, as a Realtor, stay in touch with your SOI, then you are on their minds and they will refer you to their friends and family. They will also use you for their real estate needs. Remember, you can’t sell a secret and that includes you!

How do you stay in touch with your SOI? First, you can remember them with a $5 Starbucks card for their birthday. How about a seasonal greeting or a holiday wish? Being in Arizona allows you to play on the summer activities. For example, dropping off a pool ball with your logo on it at a friend’s house is a fun stop, as well as a way of keeping your name in front of them! In the spring or fall, mailing a small package of seeds with your business card attached saying “please help my business grow” is effective. A balloon or baby gift for the newborn is appreciated by the family. Everyone likes to be remembered. And, in turn, you shall receive referrals that lead you to a new listing or a buyer. You may set up an email campaign using this list to stay in touch with a monthly newsletter about interest rates or an occasional “thinking of you” notes. There are many items to pass along in an occasional email.

Also, it is effective to prospect a neighborhood of your choice. Being the neighborhood specialist is always an attractive offer to the consumer. Make sure you know all about that neighborhood with the current HOA rules, home values and recent comps. Even further, farming your own neighborhood can be a winner. Nothing is better than saying “nobody likes to sell this neighborhood better than someone who lives here and loves it!”

Good planning is very important to being successful in real estate. To get organized, create a listing of houses and lead generation. I would also suggest attending the next seminar at Arizona School of Real Estate & Business on April 24th. Learn all you need to know about building relationships that result in new leads and listings from the professionals.