Still-A-Plenty for 2020

Randy Cooney
President of the Success Institute
Designated Broker, Realty Executives


Years ago, while overseeing a challenging twelve-month educational program for youth, I recall that after the half-way point of completion, both the staff and some students were ready to be done. The approach was, let’s just do what is necessary to get through it! During a staff meeting, we all acknowledged that we were just going through the motions and the students were following our lead. I asked the staff; “What would be the difference if we collectively choose to get-in-to-it, versus just getting-through-it”? That question, that challenge, was the impetus to an exhilarating four months of changing lives. It became one of the most memorable times for all involved.

That time, reminds me of this time, for as of late, I continuously hear “Can’t wait for 2020 to be over!” and/or “I am so done with 2020” and/or “Just want to get through 2020.” With that “in mind”, let’s all consider “getting-into” the rest of 2020. Make it one of the best years for you and enhancing your opportunities to reach, touch, and teach, in the service of others.

One very recent and fine example of moving upward in challenging times, comes from Dennis Jones, an Arizona real estate Broker with Realty Executives. Dennis and his wife Lisa are top tier agents in the north-Phoenix area. On March 19th, 2020, when Governor Ducey announced the “shut-down” of many businesses, Dennis thought his high-octane real estate business might slow down a bit, possibly providing him a little “extra time.” He elected on that very same day to dedicate at least two hours each day, to fulfill a life-time dream. Four months and nearly three hundred hours later, with the help of his editing wife Lisa, Dennis announces the publication of his inaugural book, “62 Tips for Real Estate Professionals”. Dennis Jones exemplifies that rising above challenging times is manifested through determined, disciplined and decisive action.

Congratulations to all those who elect to make it the best of times, in all times. To make a difference in this very different time, consider some of my “Cooney- isms” below:


“Every challenge provides us three options:
Give up. Give in.
Give it all you got.”
“Your thoughts, although entertaining, serve as self-absorption noise.
Use your brain for punctual things, like your work and those activities that make a difference.”
“Faith is absolutely trusting there is an answer, when there
are absolutely no indications of one.”
“On New Year’s Eve of 2020, what will you have to say?
I gave into it all or I gave it my all!”