The Journey of A Rising Star

Eden Sunshine & Vikki Gorman
Realty Executives


She walked into our office with confidence and swag. Our seasoned and highly selective leadership team was immediately impressed. New licensee with a list of twenty brokerages and armed with her checklist of criteria to help her decide who to choose, Vikki Gorman, was on a mission to find the best brokerage to support her goals and career.

Needlessly to say, I work with the some of the most impressive and accomplished people in the real estate industry. Vikki had something special about her, and my team and I just knew she was going to be a superstar. After conducting her diligent and exhaustive search, Vikki easily selected Realty Executives in early 2019 and we enthusiastically welcomed her to the team.

Since joining, Vikki’s trajectory to the list of top producers among the industry has been impressive. She is indeed a rising star. Here are some of the key attributes and activities Vikki engaged in that has led to her success so far in the industry.

  1. Vikki possesses drive, focus, and is wildly I understand that you do not have to be an extreme extrovert to be successful in the real estate business, but you have to be likable. Vikki is a likable person.

The day that Vikki signed on with the brokerage, she walked into my office and asked me specifically what I recommend she do to launch her career. I advised her to make 20 contacts per day to her sphere of influence. (Contact me for a copy of the article I wrote and gave Vikki titled: How to Go from 4-40 Transactions in 12 months). She embraced my direction and has done it every day since then! She is very coachable and is fast to reduce her learning curve by working with and consulting experts.

Vikki started with some natural gifting, but anyone can develop drive, focus and be coachable.

  1. Vikki started by thinking and acting like an Entrepreneur, by nature, are problem solvers. Entrepreneurs see opportunities or things worth improving and then they figure out ways to make things better.

Vikki’s experience with her personal real estate transactions were riddled with bumps and uncertainty prior to becoming an agent. She resolved to find a way to ensure that her clients do not experience the same ups and downs as she did as a consumer. Rather, she has a clear vision of the “experience” she wants her clients to have. From the moment an individual meets Vikki, whether they are actively buying or selling right now, they begin to “experience” something unique about having Vikki as their agent now or in the future.

When talking with her about this, she shared the awe of experiencing The Phantom of the Opera live in Las Vegas. It was more than a production to her and the audience – people experienced the event. She desires to create an experience for her clients that would prompt them to tell others about her and their experience in dealing with her.

She created her compelling vision.

  1. Next, she got serious about becoming a master practitioner in the There is a lot to learn as a real estate agent and she dove in to uncover and master the critical activities of the trade.

She committed to being uncomfortable with being comfortable. As Vikki went through our highly intensive and practical mentoring program, she never let fear stop her from doing the activities necessary to succeed, like contacting 20 people per day. Achieving high levels of success often requires learning new things and then doing them, even if they feel uncomfortable. (Learn more about our mentoring program at www.joinrealtyexecutivesphoenix. com/mentoringprogram/)

She learned the business fast.

  1. Finally, she has developed a system for everything she does and FOLLOWS As she learned the critical activities of the business combined with the experiences she wants her clients to have, she designed replicable processes and systems to support them. Her systems are totally congruent with her vision for her business.

She built great systems and follows them.

Since beginning her career in the real estate business, Vikki has engaged and fast tracked with a sense of urgency in doing right activities and behaviors as indicated above. This has attributed to her becoming a rising star. Applying them yourself can take you to the next level in your career as well.

Eden Sunshine is an entrepreneur, the creator of The Level 7 System, a speaker, author and Vice President of Operations for Realty Executive in Phoenix Arizona. Eden has coached and consulted with over 300 of the top Real Estate agents and teams throughout the USA and Canada since 2003. Eden specializes in helping businesses become scalable, positioned for exponential growth and productivity while establishing a meaningful, high performing business culture.

Eden developed the Level 7 System, which is a one of a kind, simple and systematic business development approach that guides businesses to become scalable, systems driven with great cultures. He also has developed other ancillary programs like the Systemize Your Business in 90 Days Program. He is in the process of publishing two books: The Book on Building Great Businesses and Woo Hoo: Successfully Transforming Your Business and Your World.