Staying Socially Relevant and Acceptable

Lloyd Fox
Designated Broker and Owner
Long Realty The FOX Group

5040 E Shea, #152
Scottsdale, AZ 85254


Interesting times are many times the best time to forge ahead in business. Why not take the most divisive time in our history and be a force of great social content? Don’t tune it, but rather give people a reason to tune in to positivity and great information.

Social media is the most cost effective way to market your message and effectively engage your audience today, but how do you do it effectively? Your personal page can really be a driving force if you focus on balancing personal posts with business posts. Nobody wants to sign up for 100% commercial stations. Be informative and entertaining and limit your real estate posts to 25-30% of all posts or people will tire of your messaging. Make sure the audience sees you in three different ways; active, knowledgeable and successful. How do you do you that?

Being active simply means you’re out doing business. It could be a story of what you’re showing, a unique experience or an invitation to connect where you’re doing business like an open house. Rather than just posting an open house make it more engaging and give people a reason to stop by and see you. Even if nobody stops by, they’ve all been invited. They just have to know you’re actually working the business. If anyone asks if you’re ‘still doing real estate’ then you’re certainly not getting enough information in front of their eyes.

Next, you want to be seen as knowledgeable. Make your knowledge local and put a spin on it. Don’t just push out a graph without taking the opportunity to discuss why something is happening or your outlook on the future. Talk about how our market is different from what may be getting reported nationally. Become the expert of local trends and real estate information with your network. Who is the first call they make when they want to know about the market or real estate in general? Do you know trends in design, changes in construction, new home features and more? Knowledge comes in many forms and it’s not always about numbers. Vary the focus of your knowledge and appeal to a broader audience.

You also need people to see how successful clients are when they use your services. “Just SOLD” is so boring and so self-focused. Why not highlight the journey of a sale and focus on how you were able to enhance somebody’s life or decision by being part of their transaction as a trusted consultant. People love a good story and you’re the storyteller. Turn your real estate success into a Hallmark moment for everyone else and hit them in the “feels.” Yes, you can show that something SOLD, but show them why you’re special at what you do and why you’re passionate about it.

Ultimately, it’s about becoming and staying “top of mind” for all the right reasons when it comes to real estate. If you’re balancing your posts, providing engaging and consistent content and always using visually impactful images and videos then you give yourself a real chance at being the real estate professional of choice in one of the most competitive markets in the World. When people think real estate, do they think of you? When people see your face or name, do they think real estate? If the answer is “Yes” then you’re doing it right. If the answer is “No” or “I don’t know…” then you have some work to do. So, take those steps today and become more intentional about your social media strategy and more successful in your business.