Are You Adaptable?

Jacob Chapman
Designated Broker
Desert North Realty


There is no question that technology has changed the way people buy and sell homes. A fascinating result of this is the real estate agent has adjusted with these changes and it has created a more adaptable and independent agent that has to rely less and less on the traditional broker model. With the evolution of the agent, it has become more evident that having the ability to adapt is a critical component for success as a broker.

Brokers are constantly adjusting to our ever-changing real estate market. It seems over the last twenty years; it is rare that we have a “normal” market. We have gone through everything from short sales and foreclosures, to buyers thinking real estate will never come back and then full circle to where we are at today with our exceptionally high demand and a crazy inventory shortage. Change is the only constant in the real estate market. Knowing that change is coming, the strongest brokers will look past the current market condition and anticipate the next wave so they can pivot their business and accelerate through the change.

With the independence of the real estate agent on the rise, the next big adaptation that some may miss, will be to not only recognize their independence but embrace it! Floor time, multiple office locations and big glass buildings do not have the same impact on an agent’s business as it did ten years ago. Instead, they need the proper platform to amplify their voice so they can compete with other agents for new business while rising up to meet their client’s expectations.

As this transition occurs, the fundamentals of the broker do not change but the method must be accommodating. Instead of always putting the brokerage front and center; put the agent in the spotlight. Allow them to leverage the brokerage to bolster their own brand. Teach them how to properly use their own business page on the social channels to get a bigger following, not how to steer more likes to the brokerage page. Listen to what they want their business model to look like and help them develop the proper plan to achieve that goal. Keep them from falling into the advertising pitfalls that are so prevalent today by offering a lead generation strategy that you have battle tested and know will fit their business plan. In short, make it about the agent… not the brokerage!

I know this method of promoting the agent over the brokerage may seem backwards to some, but the independence of the agent will not subside as technology continues to make clients easier to reach. The reality going forward is that in today’s real estate world, the broker needs the agents more than the agents need the broker. Zig Ziglar said it best, “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.” Adapt to your agents’ needs, help them grow their brand, and by doing so, you will foster strong agents who will push your business to the next level.