The Leadership Letter

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President of the Success Institute
Designated Broker for Realty Executives


It is somewhat traditional, when there is a change of leadership, the out-going leader leaves to the incoming leader a congratulatory letter, including a little guidance, a touch of insight, and of course well wishes for the coming years.  After four incredible and memorable years as the Designated Broker for Realty Executives I have elected to step aside and give my attention to other areas within Realty Executives along with pursuing my passion of more teaching and writing. In doing so, I am extremely excited to announce and turn over the reins of this very prestigious and storied brokerage to Patrick Lewis one of the most talented REALTORS® and recognized industry leaders in Arizona. Patrick too is excited, along with our owners, brokers, and staff; for we know our Executives and the entire industry will be well served because Dwayne Patrick Lewis was born for, has hoped for and prepared for this leadership role since becoming a licensee in 2002.  Below is the letter I left for Patrick Lewis in his soon to be new office as the Designated Broker for Realty Executives.  



Dear Patrick, 

First know, you have become over our four years together an admired friend and in my eyes, an extremely capable leader.  It is with great honor to hand you the reins of this esteemed and highly awarded brokerage that I have been entrusted with for the past four years as its Designated Broker. Realty Executives began in 1965 under the entrepreneur vision of Dale Rector and today is owned and appropriately so, by two other entrepreneurs Jeff Hawke & Joel Moyes. This day I wish you the very best of success!  In doing so, I now wish to impart the following: 


  • Dwayne Patrick Lewis you were born upon a very shining star, which if you choose to follow, shall take you further than far.
  • As our soon-to-be new DB, we ask this of you:  
  • Occasionally stand before us to show the way. 
  • Be often beside us for support along the way. 
  • Most importantly, forever behind us to be sure we don’t get too lost along the way. 
  • Refrain from being a leader to be served, rather solely seek to be a leader to serve: 


aka – A Servant Leader


  • From today forward, when NOT addressing responsibility & accountability, remove from conversations the exclusive words; I, me, and mine, from your vocabulary.  Replace with the inclusive words of we, ours and us.   
  • Place the letter W at the beginning of the word ego. In-other-words convert your Ego to We-Go.  For the more WE welcomed upon your flight, entitled leadership, the longer and stronger your wingspan, thus ascending your destiny and extending your legacy. 



Dwayne Patrick Lewis, If you choose all of the above, you shall, in time, be seen as: 

one who points the way, 

one who shows the way, 

one who leads the way 

and for many years after, becomes THE WAY for those who follow.   


Philip Rankin (Randy) Cooney 

Designated Broker for Realty Executives