Baton Accepted

Patrick Lewis
Designated Broker
Realty Executives


First, I have to give a huge thank you to Randy Cooney for his leadership, friendship, and mentorship these last four years. If you missed last months’ article, Randy Cooney will be “passing the baton” to me this month to take the position of Designated Broker of Realty Executives. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity and excited to get started. 

As I take the Designated Broker leadership role for Realty Executives on in the coming weeks, I think it would be beneficial for me to share some of my thoughts on leadership and what attributes a leader should possess. Spoiler alert, we are all leaders with different styles. 

Service to others is the highest form of leadership. That is a phrase that I have reflected on in my twenty years in the real estate profession. This means that we as Realtors® and licensees are empowered to lead our clients and customers to a successful closing. To deal with all honestly and fairly and to conduct ourselves ethically and professionally. Sometimes these different situations call us to adapt our leadership style. 

Think about what an agent does for their clients every day in answering the call to leadership, some examples are:

Caring for those in our charge. 

Offering empathy, compassion and understanding.

Having the tough conversations. Being honest with clients, even when it is hard.

Adhering to our ethical principles and obligations.

Finding solutions when there are seemingly none.

In having the personal honor of serving as President of the Scottsdale Association, then President of the Arizona Association and on different committees for NAR, AAR and ARMLS, there were many times leadership needed to be exercised and exemplified to the members. It certainly wasn’t always easy but leadership much like real estate is seldom easy. If it was, everybody would do it. 

Like all notable leaders, my leadership journey was made possible by so many others that worked as a team to get results. In fact, go directly to your team right now and thank each and every one of them for what they do. Their mentorship and support taught me to lead from the front with some and lead from the back with others. 

As Isaac Newton once said, “I get to stand on the shoulders of giants.” That statement very accurately sums up my feelings taking over this role. 

Stay tuned for some very exciting things happening at Realty Executives.