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Why Capturing Verified Information Is So Important at Both

Over the past two years Open Houses have been on quite a roller coaster as to whether people wanted to attend them or not due to social distancing. With almost everything seeming to go back to normal, Open Houses are now more popular than ever. Neighbors are becoming curious as to what is selling in their neighborhoods and potential buyers are now finding Open Houses from following signs more than ever before. This same desire to get out of the house and be social is having the same effect on Open House Events, or Grand Openings, for new businesses. These “events” are created to attract new clients who would have not found or attended their venue or business have they not seen a sign directing them to it. This commercial event could be a new hair salon opening with unique amenities, a new local restaurant advertising their new menu, or simply a new apartment complex or hotel wanting to showcase their new amenities. These events could also include New Build Communities wanting to attract consumers to all of their new pre-sale properties.

All of these types of Open House Events attract many consumers, yet the hosts of the events don’t capitalize on capturing valid information for all who attend. Consumers are excited to be out socializing again and Open House Events, whether residential or commercial, give them something to do on the weekends. Many are still resorting to a paper sign in sheet in which a consumer writes down their personal information with the host of the event only “hoping” that the information given is valid. Requiring attendees to check in to a system that validates their name and phone number should be required at any Open House Event, regardless of whether it is residential or commercial. This is the one thing that did change over the last two years in our favor, was how consumers attend events and what is required of them prior to entering. Not only did the QR code become almost the normal or “preferred” way to order food, attend events, and check in at Open Houses, but the “requirement” of signing in or checking in has also become the norm. Yet, with this new “norm” of attending events or Open Houses, you still see the old ways still in place.

If contact information captured isn’t validated, then there is no way for a successful follow up. The best way for a company to improve its amenities or a home to sell faster in a market is high inventory is to get good feedback, whether negative or positive. The only way to get feedback, though, is to have a way to get it. A valid name and phone number is the easiest way to not only build your database from those who attended, but also gives you a valid way to get crucial feedback. Whether you are holding a residential Open House and want to get feedback from everyone who attended, or you are having an Open house Event of a new business, being able to follow up with everyone who attends makes your event worth having. Whether this is a Broker Open, a luxury preview for an Exclusive new listing, or a Grand Opening for a new apartment complex or new build development, having a system to capture all information on everyone who attends is crucial for maximizing the effect of the event. Without being able to follow up with all who have attended is essentially throwing potential business out the door. Open Houses Direct is one of the easiest ways to run an event of any kind and capture a name and a phone number instantly of everyone who attends. Some events can get up to 100 attendees that can go directly into a follow up campaign insuring that not only you keep in touch with them, but more importantly, they know how to get in touch with you. Those who attend an event, attend for a reason. That reason is most likely somehow related to your business, and therefore it is crucial to your lead generation to capture their information for follow up.

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