Instructor Highlight: Robb Sikes

Robb Sikes
Designated Broker | REALTOR®
Armstrong Owen Realty


Robb Sikes began his career in finance and accounting. He worked his way up the ladder in the corporate world for 20 years before a coworker helped him realize his passion for teaching. Robb was always passionate about his work, but it was then that he decided to share it with others so the knowledge he had acquired over his decorated career could help more people. Validation that he was an engaging tutor in the workplace was all he needed, sharing, “If I’m not engaging, why would my students engage?”

Robb earned his faculty teaching certificate in 2008, and in doing so, opened the door to a whole new passion. He kicked off his teaching career at Pima Community College where he not only taught finance and accounting courses, he also developed the curricula. This is a trend that would stick with him throughout his teaching career. 

Robb says, “Teaching is a humbling experience.” And by that, he means he will rewrite new versions of his courses after a class when he feels the students aren’t fully grasping the concept. He holds a strong and sincere desire to make sure his students walk away from each course with the knowledge they need to succeed on their own.

“When the lightbulb goes off, there’s something magical about it. When it doesn’t go off, it encourages me to figure out how I can reconcile that for the next class.”

After teaching at Pima Community College for a few years, Robb became a professor at the University of Arizona, teaching junior and senior level courses. Again, he developed is own curricula designed to educate students in the most engaging and deliberate way possible. 

While teaching at the University, Robb wanted to continue his own life learning, so he earned his license to work in the loan industry and founded his own consulting firm that he still runs to this day. This venture opened up his world of opportunity again and ultimately inspired him to begin teaching real estate. He became a Certified Instructor with Hogan School of Real Estate in 2016. 

With each new accomplishment or challenge, Robb moves the bar higher, much like he does for himself in tweaking the coursework for his students. This year, Robb founded Armstrong Owen Realty, a new real estate brokerage of his own design based in Tucson and built on five pillars: Experience, Education, Client Focused, Listening, and Service. As Designated Managing Broker and Owner, Robb is looking forward to continuing his passion for education as well as molding his agents to focus on the relationship aspect of selling real estate. He believes whole-heartedly that relationship building gives clients the best experience and creates more repeat business.

Robb was awarded the 2021 Outstanding Achievement Award from Tucson Association of REALTORS® (TAR) and stays active in his service with TAR, Arizona Association of REALTORS®, and National Association of REALTORS®. He also makes time to give back to the community through his work with Community Food Bank, Junior Achievement, and many more.