One Can Champion Anything!

By P.R. ‘Randy’ Cooney
Arizona School of Real Estate & Business


I started a new position as the National Director of Training for 72SOLD in February. That being said, I am compelled to share with you what I experienced shortly into my new position. I sat and listened to panel of four young men each working with 72SOLD; Ari age 18; Ryan 20; Jose 24; and Omar 30. Each had been in real estate less than a year and one of them for only a month. Individually and collectively they were each sharing their successes with a large group who had gathered to hear about them and from them. Their numbers, results and early successes were far beyond anything I had ever heard in my thirty five years of real estate. I literally sat in awe and at times in disbelief. However, the following day it all came together via a lengthy conversation with David Newman, their 72SOLD coach/team leader. David shared with me how he had taken the time to coach and push these four recent rookie hires to excel.

In listening to David it was quickly apparent he is a high-expectation, no-nonsense business coach. He expects and actually demands, from everyone on his team, nothing but the best in every given moment. He combines this expectation of others with an absolute NO EXCUSES mentality. A few examples are: Late for anything; not permissible. Missing team meetings; go join a team that doesn’t expect so much of you. Personal text or calls during training or work time; called-out or dismissed. Finally, when you fail, you best look within or you’re out!

Although David has at times sternly called-out and coached-up each of these young men, each of them have come to respect him and expressed a deep gratitude for David teaching them what can happen when you give it your ALL!!

Since then I have better come to know David Newman and observed how his team works truly as a team, helping and encouraging one another. David says we are like family and I truly want the best for each of them and I know the fastest way there, is for them, to be their best for each other. To that point I attended on of David’s meetings where they all make calls for business. I witness David pull this young lady aside. In a direct yet compassionate manner he said to her, “I am tough on you not to take you down put rather for you to raise yourself up, for I see how far you can take yourself once you invest in yourself.”

David Newman reminded them, me and now you, if you give it everything, life will give you most anything! His efforts caused me to reflect and write the following thoughts about succeeding.



You can champion anything when
the maximum preparation and practice
one can do in a day, becomes
the minimum of what you do every day.

Excuses often appear
after dedication, determination,
and discipline failed to
make an appearance.

I recently Googled “Self Help.”
The only thing that came up
was my own name.



Randy Cooney serves as the National Director of Training for 72SOLD
and President Success Institutes for Real Estate Professionals.
He has been an Instructor for ASREB for 35 years
Author of a recent book “The Gift of 65”with all Five Star Reviews on Amazon. He can be reached at:
602-370-7170 or