4 Barbie-Inspired Interior Design Trends in Arizona

If you follow interior design trends, you probably have noticed a lot of pink recently. Of course, that pink may be related to the Barbie movie set to release this month. 

We love seeing bright pink everywhere. After all, pink almost always has positive connotations. It represents affection, acceptance, joy, and warmth. 

Pink makes us feel that things are all right with the world. 

You have probably noticed more pink clothes, pink packaging, and pink home decor items. (Pink is exceptionally versatile in home design as it can be used with vintage decor or luxury high-end pieces.)

But according to a study done by Architectural Digest, the Barbie trend goes deeper than that. Here are Barbie-related interior design trends the experts are tracking in Arizona and the rest of the country. 

Maximalist Interior Design and Barbie

You may have already seen this Architectural Digest article published this summer that used Google Trends data to find which interior design trend is most prevalent in each state – and across the nation.

This study uncovered that the Maximalist interior design trend is second-most popular across the country – and the most popular trend in Arizona. 

What is Maximalist interior design, and what does that have to do with Barbie?

According to the article in Architectural Digest, “Maximalist interiors embrace bold use of color, pattern, and layering to create a space that honors and celebrates excess. However, maximalism isn’t just piling everything into a room and calling it a day—it’s as intentional and curated as any other interior design trend.” 

Does this sound like someone you know? Since the doll’s creation in 1959, Barbie has been known for her “fun, over-the-top look.”

Barbie Interior Design Trends in Arizona

Here’s how one interior design blogger described the Maximalist aesthetic sweeping Arizona and the rest of the country. 

Bold colors and patterns 

As we mentioned earlier, bright pink is everywhere this summer – including your favorite home decor stores. But you can still have fun with Maximalist design even if bright pink isn’t your cup of tea.

If Viva Magenta isn’t your style, have fun with Fiery Orange

Do you need some inspiration for colors and patterns? Take a look at Barbie’s clothes. 

Pro Tip: You may not want to commit to bright-colored furniture, so experiment with this design trend by buying bright-colored pillows, towels, throw rugs, photo frames, and plant pottery.

An abundance of decorative elements

If you put away all your tchotchkes during your minimalist phase, it’s time to get your trinkets out of storage! Barbie likes beautiful things and wants to see them every day. 

But be intentional and strategic with the placement of your items. You don’t want your Dreamhouse to look like a fun house. 

Pro Tip: Display items that make you feel joyful. Maybe it’s an item you bought during a happy time or something so lovely that it makes you smile.


The dictionary defines opulence as “great wealth or luxuriousness.” (Think gold detailing, high-end linens and fabrics, and comfort.) However, your Maximalist design can be curated on a budget if you are a great shopper.

Pro Tip: Buy designer knockoffs or shop at vintage or thrift shops in wealthier neighborhoods. 

Is Barbiecore interior design a microtrend? 

We may see less pink a year from now, but we bet the Maximalist design trend will last several seasons. 

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