Serving a Listing Through a Different Lens

As professionals most of us use checklists, calendars, or task management platforms to help us keep on track with the daily functionality of our businesses. If you are a selling agent, we are certain you have your basic action items and critical date lists that you diligently follow, through the life of a listing. 

Let us ask you this question ~ do these checklists show your value; your commitment; your ability to be an active listener, or your dedication to creating an excellent, memorable experience? Maybe. They definitely showcase your processes, which is very important, yet we challenge you to look at how you “serve a listing” from a different lens. 

Here are some basic synonyms for “serve”: deliver, present, provide, oblige, be of assistance, attend to and give. Sound like the job of a real estate professional? We think so. Is there an instruction manual for this? Conceivably, yes there is. We learn the basics in Real Estate classes; however, it is up to us as industry professionals to spell it out to the consumer. 

Have you created a set of Core Values? You are a business owner; this is the perfect foundation in which you build your value proposition upon! 

The basic definition of Core Values is, “the principles and priorities that guide actions.” These are not just for large organizations, they apply to any size of business, including yours. The amount of Core Values you choose is not relevant. Perhaps it is 5, perhaps it is 50, either way, these values are your compass and will drive your business forward. 

Core Values provide a roadmap for who you are and what you do, which in turn defines how you will serve and support your home sellers. Core Values showcase your obligations as an advocate and advisor, while demonstrating your trustworthiness. What an amazing way to create confidence in who is looking out for the clients’ best interests.  

Together, let’s set some goals. What if we collectively committed to not just 50 ways, but 52 ways to “serve a listing,” build relationships, referrals and reputation with the public at large and our clientele. This means creating a set of Core Values in which you are going to practice a key component every week for 12 months. They say a habit is formed in 30 days; can you imagine what can be accomplished in 1 year?  As business owners, we know that nothing is built by doing the least amount of work. Are we willing and ready to take this on? Maybe you already have and will pay it forward by mentoring another in achieving this goal. 

Core Values are the epicenter of any business. In real estate, we build relationships every day and have the freedom to choose to be proactive, choose how we communicate and choose how we serve. Home sellers and home buyers need you, your guidance, and your service. What is your field guide? Personal Core Values. 

Mark Hutchins & Jereme Kleven
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