2024: Focus on What You Can Control

2024 will not come to us with a crystal ball or any guarantees, however what it presents us with is an opportunity to master change. Take a hard look at yourself as a business owner and how you will focus on what you can control and empower yourself to make attitude and effort the things that will affect change. As a business, we are personally choosing to start with clarity, direction and accountability, as we look toward goals, not obstacles.

Real estate is a melting pot full of roadblocks, disappointments and successes, with the difficulty of our profession being grossly underestimated. This career is not a get rich quick expedition; it is a test of our endurance. We need to feed it time and space to grow into a solid, profitable machine, while managing our proactive and reactive tasks in any type of market cycle.

In the simplest terms, our livelihood in this business is a direct result of offering exceptional customer service and providing outstanding home buying and selling experiences. Failure lies within making your livelihood the sole driving force of your business plan. Let’s go back to the fundamental roots of being a real estate professional and commit to investing in customer service as part of a growth strategy which will always pay back in spades. Sometimes when we blur the lines of our responsibilities it can cause stress, miscommunication and frustration between yourself and your clients. Avoid this trap and place your clients at the forefront at both the onset and throughout the journey; this ensures your sphere will continue to fill your pipeline with future opportunities and repeatedly pave the way to business success.

How many times have we heard that real estate is a relationship business and building a solid foundation involves a nurturing process? We can never hear it enough, so walk yourself back to the essential principles of what you do. Drive, discipline and honorable work ethic takes time, skill and dedication to your craft if you want to ensure your clients continue to view you as a trusted resource long after the buy/sell and through the lifetime of homeownership.

Take inventory of your business; Do you have enough enthusiasm for your job? What additional skill sets do you need? Do you have a business plan? Where do you choose to work? What networking strategies do you have? What are your ethical values? Do you have enough repeat clientele? Do you need more referrals? Where are your leads coming from? These are a few examples of what You Can Control.

Where to begin? You should have your 2024 business plan complete, or at the very least be well underway with a solid road map that includes your investment strategy to manage the inventory you need to position yourself for success. Hold yourself accountable and go back to where you started and develop the processes you require to deliver exceptional customer service.

Talk to your brokerage leadership and seek the guidance you need to meet 2024 head on. There is no one prognosis for the upcoming year and we must place energy on what is within our control. Excess noise causes interference and comparison to others is an unhealthy distraction.

The power of focusing on performance over gain will drive the forward trajectory of your business. The financial gain will be automatic.
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