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Real Estate Appraisal Exam Prep

Appraisal CompuCram® is a self-paced, question and answer, appraisal exam program that aids students as they study for their real estate exams.

Designed specifically for appraisal exams, this program was composed by a team of industry experts, all of whom are working appraisal professionals with up-to-date knowledge and experience in the industry.

Key features include the following:

  • Specifically designed for the 2008 AQB National Uniform Licensed and Certified Residential Appraisal Examinations
  • Over 1,200 practice exam questions written in the style of the exam; a large bank of questions, organized by category;
  • The ability to mark individual questions for review
  • An unlimited number of practice tests
  • Highlighted appraisal terms for quick reference in review mode
  • Two different modes of study: timed practice or self-paced
  • Concise explanations for the rationale and methods used to correctly answer all questions
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The Appraisal Review Crammer™ is specifically designed to help prospective exam-takers prepare for the National Uniform Licensed and Certified Residential Appraiser Examination and offers various ways to check and reinforce student knowledge of terminology, concepts, and applications. Several activities, quizzes, practice test questions, and varied exercises will refine prospective exam-taker’s skills so they are prepared to take the National Residential Appraiser licensing and certification exams with increased confidence.

The definitions provided in the Appraisal Review Crammer™ are not just dictionary definitions but also take the form of how students may see them on the exam. Definitions play an important part in both knowledge and application-based questions. Mathematical calculations are common throughout the exam. The Appraisal Review Crammer™ fully describes necessary math formulas and calculations, which can help manage any “math anxiety” on the part of the prospective exam-taker.

The concepts in the Appraisal Review Crammer™ follow the AQB-recommended testing outline and are organized logically to help build on the prospective exam-taker’s knowledge. Users may jump to any lesson and explore those topics where they feel they need the most help or start at the beginning and work through each lesson in order.

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