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Arizona Mortgage Broker Licensing Online

Thinking of a career as a Mortgage Broker?

ASREB and Learn Mortgage joined forces to bring you the very best in mortgage education. We provide flexible learning options for professionals in all career stages.

  • Our 24-hour online program is approved by the Arizona Department of Insurance & Financial Institutions to meet the education requirement listed under the Qualifying Individual requirement for Mortgage Brokers. See our “How Do I Become a Mortgage Broker in Arizona” for more information.
  • Our instructors are qualified industry professionals.
  • The content taught is aligned with the state exam.
  • There are review and sample test questions to help prepare you for the state exam.
  • We keep our class content current with updated rules and regulations in our ever-changing environment.

How Do I Become A Mortgage Broker in Arizona?

Tuition: $499

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Tuition: $495 -OR- 4 interest-free payments of $123.75 with Klarna

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The following topics will be covered in the online course:


Mortgage Lending Overview

The Mortgage Lending Process

Financial Instruments

Conventional Loans and Financing

Government Loan Programs

Nontratidional/Nonconforming Loans & Financing

Federal Financial Disclosure Laws

Federal Privacy Protection and Consumer Identification Laws

Federal Prohibition of Predatory Lending


The SAFE Act

Ethics in Mortgage Lending

Selected Consumer Protection Regulations

Financials and Calculations Review

State License Law

Mortgage Origination Compliance

State Methods of Enforcement

Real Estate Fundamentals


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