The Best Hire for a Real Estate Career

Randy Cooney 2015 - Oct

P.R. Randy Cooney
Publisher, Arizona Journal of Real Estate & Business


A few years ago, I had the opportunity to poll a large number of real estate brokers asking them this: “In your opinion, which occupations could naturally transition into a real estate career with great success?” The brokers provided a variety of answers; however, it was a bit surprising that even though a real estate sales license is required to sell real estate, very few of the broker’s responses included having sales experience as a prerequisite to success in real estate. Listed below, in order of preference, are the top choices of former careers that best suit a career in real estate sales – rather enlightening!

As a profession, teachers are gatherers and conveyors of knowledge. Buyers and sellers are looking for knowledgeable, real estate practitioners who can communicate and articulate information well. This is what good teachers do every day.

The DNA profile of most nurses is care. That caring nature is exactly what many real estate clients are looking for when choosing an agent. Someone who will “take care” of them through all the challenges and anxieties of buying and selling their homes.

Exceptional food servers have an abundance of desirable skills that transition very well into helping real estate clients. These skills include: listening, articulating, hard-working, entertaining and always aiming to provide the best in customer service.

ENGINEERS (with some personality)
Real estate transactions involve a multitude of details that are critical to completing a transaction in a timely manner. Engineers bring the art of exactness: they pay attention to ALL the details allowing for seamless and trouble-free transactions.

Many reading this article may have never been in any of the above professions, no worries – there is certainly opportunity for you to be successful in real estate.

  1. SEE yourself as a teacher and commit to always learning and communicating knowledge.
  2. ACT as a nurse – care passionately for the needs of others in all you do.
  3. CONVEY an attitude of service. Always look for ways to go above and beyond.
  4. BECOME detail-driven. Commit to paying attention and addressing all the details within a transaction.

If you challenge yourself to demonstrate all of these attributes, you will be sought after by those seeking to hire the best in real estate.


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