A New School Year Brings an Opportunity for High Schoolers

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Tricia Covert
Arizona Journal of Real Estate & Business


August marks the start of a new school year for many Arizona school districts. Parents, children and young adults are preparing for resumed schedules after summer vacations while checking off supply lists. A new school year means new opportunities for further knowledge and growth.

The Arizona School of Real Estate & Business(ASREB) is also planning for a new year to support school districts by developing its 2016/2017 High School Real Estate Workshop Series offered to juniors and seniors. For those of you unfamiliar with the series, the program is designed to teach attendees fundamental life skills ranging from credit scores, how to use real estate as an investment to renter’s rights – all tailored for teens.

The statistics pertaining to college loans is a common topic especially with the presidential election. Approximately 70 percent of U.S. college graduates today are burdened by debt – an average 2016 college graduate is estimated to have student loans of over $37,000. Young adults are now forced to balance life in different ways than in years past – gaining knowledge on how to do that is key.

ASREB’s goal is to provide insight for both high schoolers and their parents on what to expect after they graduate – and how to plan ahead for it. How to get a real estate license and the benefits it can have on college applications, resumes and life at a young age will also be covered. The 3-night high school workshop is a free program for Arizona residents

If you have a high schooler or know someone who does, stay tuned for dates for the fall.




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