Publisher’s Letter

Tricia Covert
Publisher, Arizona Journal of Real Estate & Business 


I’m always amazed how quickly our mid-year issue approaches. This is the time when I ask many writers and columnists to analyze the first half of the year to help our readers plan ahead. As you will find in this issue, 2017 is progressing in a positive direction in many areas of the Arizona real estate and business industries – very nice to hear.

As I was reviewing articles from our writers for this issue, it triggered a thought about the Journal and its role in Arizona over the years. Earlier issues published by Bill Gray, clearly show the cyclical nature of our economy such as a mild recession in 1992, a flourishing market in 2005 and a then a down turn in 2008. Projections, trends and commentaries were written by political figures, economists, business leaders, community heads and industry professionals of the time.

Today, the tradition continues. Politicians, leaders and experts of our time write for the Journal and share their valuable knowledge with our readers – in their own words. This is why a recent survey of over a thousand of our readers revealed that more than 74 percent of them turn to the Journal as a trusted resource every month.

The teamwork involved with each issue is key to the publication: from the graphic designers and course schedule developers to the local, national and sometimes international writers. It’s a joint effort to deliver quality information.

I consider my role as the publisher an honor and a responsibility – to build upon the solid foundation that Bill Gray developed over 30 years ago.

I look forward to sharing new developments with you in the months ahead. I also encourage you to reach out to me with any thoughts or ideas. Your feedback is valuable.