Publisher’s Letter: November Issue

Tricia Covert
Publisher, Arizona Journal of Real Estate & Business

Welcome to the planning season. Many of us are now in the process of reviewing the past year to set our business strategy for the new year ahead.

There is no doubt that our city’s theme for 2017 has been growth: jobs, population and homes. Phoenix Metro is on a fast track and surpassing national averages in many areas – with more to come in 2018. The continuous formation of industries such as tech, healthcare and education are sustainable fields that are contributing to a healthy economy. As Phoenix Metro stays on its path of growth, the city’s theme for 2018 may be demand.

This issue will give you an overview of the job, housing and investment markets from a national and local perspective, with more detail on these topics at our Arizona 2018: Market Forecast seminar featured on the cover. Wayne Stutzer and Elliot Pollack are speakers at the event and will provide detailed forecasts that will give you important insight for 2018.

Happy planning.