A Message From Commissioner Judy Lowe

Commissioner Judy Lowe
Arizona Department of Real Estate


Focus on Education Update – Exciting changes are being implemented in Arizona’s real estate education…

(Pre-Licensing education and Continuing Education).  Arizona has always been recognized as having a high standard for education of the real estate profession.  However, as the profession adjusts to the changes that are occurring in the real estate marketplace, the education guidelines must be updated.  Let’s do an “update” on where Arizona is with the “Education Change”.


  • Pre Licensing Curriculum Changes. The Arizona Pre Licensing Education curriculum which is taught by educators had not been substantially updated since 1995, with only very minor curriculum changes in 2011, despite Arizona’s changing real estate environment.
  • Including industry stakeholder input, a Pre-licensure Review Workgroup, has finalized the updated Pre Licensing curriculum with content that: 1) is relevant and current to Arizona’s real estate practice; 2) adheres to a content of knowledge that is essential to licensees; 3) focuses on Arizona practices which focus on “Duties to the Client” and consumer protection in the real estate transaction; and, 4) includes no obvious content that contradicts the professional real estate practice in Arizona.
  • New Postings to ADRE website www.azre.gov include:
    1. Instructor Course Outline – Salesperson Full 90 hour
    2. Summary of Modifications – Salesperson Pre-licensing Curriculum. Outline (Removed and Added topics). The Summary is an overview of modifications to the new outline from the previous version and is not all inclusive, nor does it provide sufficient detail for accredited real estate schools to develop their curriculum. All courses must be developed using the “FINAL” version of the Detailed Instructor Course Outline-Salesperson Full 90 Hour.
    3. Student Examination Outline – Salesperson Arizona-Specific and National Exam will be incorporated into one Arizona State Exam of 180 questions, provided by the testing vendor Pearson Vue.
    4. Suggested Educational Objectives- Course objectives applicable for salesperson candidates.
    5. Salesperson Classroom Pre-Licensing Education Course Approval Application – a fillable application.  The new course application requirements include, but are not limited to, an ADRE required Student Identity Verification Roster, ADRE required Student Course Evaluation form; an ADRE required Certificate of Course Completion form; and, an ADRE prescribed outline form, showing the placement and timing for delivery of every topic included in the Outline.
  • All currently approved Salesperson Pre-Licensing courses will expire December 31, 2018. Only Salesperson Pre-Licensing courses with a new ADRE Course number will be taught after January 1, 2019. ADRE is accepting school applications now, with an ADRE timeframe for approval of 30 days from submission of a non-deficient application.
  • The first updated Arizona State Salesperson Pre-Licensing Exam will be delivered during the first quarter of 2019.
  • An Instructor Development Workshop (IDW) was held at ADRE on October 23, 2018, with plans to schedule one more IDW for December 17, 2018 (tentative). All Pre-Licensing instructors should attend a Salesperson Pre-Licensing IDW.
  • Online Pre-licensure Education Application for Certificate of Course Approval will be available January 2, 2019, per the legislation. The ADRE timeframe for approval of applications is 90 days from submission of a non-deficient application.
  • The Broker Pre-Licensing Curriculum modifications will be completed no later than May 2019.

I want to thank the Arizona Educators who comprised the ADRE Pre-License Review Workgroup, Marti Barnewolt, Bill Gray, Jim Hogan and John Beshk, for the many hours they dedicated to this project.  The time and dedication given by this multi-talented group of professionals exemplifies their support of ADRE’s mission to “increase the Arizona real estate professional’s expertise and knowledge level, by raising the bar of Arizona’s real estate education”.  Also, “thanks” to all Arizona real estate stakeholders and the ADRE staff, who provide feedback, as we accomplish this goal.

ADRE @ AZDeptRE – Jul 26
Many thanks to the real estate professionals, educators, public, and all those interested who participated in the AZ Pre-license Education Stakeholder/Public Meeting!

Article from Arizona Department of Real Estate Bulletin Publication Volume 2018 Issue 3 available at www.azre.gov .