New Year Intentional Career

Lloyd Fox
Designated Broker and Owner, Long Realty the FOX Group

Whether you’re new to real estate or you’ve been at it for a while, the most rewarding careers are the ones where an agent takes control of his or her own future. A successful independent contractor knows the value of turning into a multiple-hat-wearing machine. You are the CEO, COO, CFO, CMO and sales department wrapped into one. The only way to balance progress and keep all areas moving forward is with a well-thought-out written plan and accompanying goals. If a person doesn’t know where they’re headed then they’re certain to go nowhere. It’s important to be intentional in critical areas, knowing the balance between non-revenue-producing necessities and revenue-producing activities. Active prospecting is the fuel needed to make real estate a long-lasting and fruitful career. There are also a few additional key things that can be done to get 2019 started off on the right foot.

First, evaluate where you stand and recognize what you expect to do this year. Repeating the same habits and activities will give way to repeat what happened in 2018, and any differential in the numbers will be a result of market contraction or increased volume. Expecting more income and volume in 2019 will mean making some changes, and it starts with habits and thinking. Active prospecting must become a top priority and it’s necessary to become exceptional at it. If an entrepreneur doesn’t believe people should work with him or her, or understand what their value is, then why should anyone else? Become a closer that’s confidently committed to a craft and the service provided. Service and the experience are the brand, and just meeting a basic standard isn’t enough. Identify what you deliver that’s exceptional outside of a closing gift.

Next, create habits that fuel productivity, starting with how the day begins. Wake up before the rest of the world and its distractions (5-5:30am) and fuel your body with activity, a healthy breakfast, and introspective time. The introspective time should be about 10 minutes reviewing goals for the week (and the year!) and the next 10 minutes should be devoted to mapping out the day. In other words, 10 minutes working on the business and 10 minutes in the business. Keep a to-do list and keep it prioritized. The items that take the most energy and create revenue are always at the top of the list. Take control and visualize each day or the day will run you. This facilitates efficiency and gives way to complete tasks at a much higher level. Commit to doing this for one straight month and change the habit forever.

Become fearless about breaking through ceilings. Talk to others producing the numbers and volume set in your goals. Find a coach, mentor or hopefully a broker that will help chart a course and create a pathway for success. Delegation and finding an assistant are only meaningful if systems and processes have been developed. It’s also not always necessary to hire full-time staff. If there are expectations around the experience that need to be delivered, then it needs to be written down and followed, while any adjustments are only carried out with approval. Run it like a business. In a restaurant, no one would change the burger and how it’s built until it’s discussed and agreed upon. Your business is no different.

Finally, become committed to your success. Real estate can be a very rewarding and highly compensated career. An individual creates his or her own limitations. No one will tell you what you can or can’t make, but actions and habits define capability. Seek the time needed to chart the right course for your success. No plane leaves the ground, no ship leaves port and no successful entrepreneur wakes up without a written plan. Cheers to a successful 2019 and a more committed, YOU.