Benefits of a New Home Build

Suzanne Fuqua


Arizona is in the middle of economic growth with many large companies moving or expanding their operations to our sunny state. With this growth in our economy, there also comes the need to expand our availability of homes. There are many new or used habitable options to consider in townhomes, condos, duplexes, apartments, and single family homes. New multi-family communities and new construction homes seem to be shooting up every week. The benefits of purchasing a new home build are quite impressive, below are some of the many reasons you may want to consider a newly constructed home.

Open floor plans impact the feeling you have within a home, larger windows and high ceilings allow for more natural light to enter a home which creates a pleasant environment. Open floor plans are also great for entertaining guests and watching your family grow; old floor plans kept every room separate with a feeling of seclusion. The use of multi-window panes also allows you to go bigger on those windows maintaining the comfort indoors. New floorplans also include larger closets, spacious bathrooms, and clever use of space for storage. Upon these added values, you will be able to select your own materials such as color, carpet, counter tops, moldings, lot location, etc.

Modern lifestyles of today also create a need for modern communities and amenities. Many new builds have included community pools, community centers, parks, golf courses, play grounds, walking paths, and fitness centers. Some communities take it a step further in organizing neighborhood events to initiate a sociable and safe community.

Technology is also a big element in smart homes; it is now much easier to connect electronics, control temperature, security surveillance, locks and lighting. Homes are not only built with safer materials for your health but are also energy sufficient which reduces cost and waste.

Some people may have the perception that new home builds are expensive but you may find it can be quite the opposite. There are actually incentives and tax release for purchasing new. Home warranties could be up to 10 years and new appliances also come with manufacturer warranties; which is a great piece of mind. On top of all these great benefits, new homes also hold a higher resale value.

If you are considering a new build know that you do not have to use their lender and you can use your favorite real estate agent. Do your homework, read all the documents, don’t get overwhelmed with upgrades especially if you can do it later for less cost, and do not be afraid to negotiate for what you desire in your new home. Happy new home hunting in this exciting time of economic growth in the Sonoran Desert.