7 Ways to Deal with Obstacles and Challenges in Business (and Life)

Eden Sunshine
Vice President
Realty Executives


The older I get, the more I am coming to recognize, and perhaps accept the idea, that I simply don’t or won’t fully understand everything that happens in life.

It used to give me comfort, perhaps some solace, in being able to interpret or explain why we encounter difficult or challenging situations.

As an encourager, I strive to be a person who brings hope to people who are experiencing challenging or painful situations. Recently, however, I have come to a personal conclusion, that I simply can’t explain why sometimes we get beat up by life.

Case in point. I had a conversation with a client yesterday. Over the last several months, she has been pummeled by some of the weirdest, trying, and difficult circumstances related to a business – all at once.

Many people might have to deal with one or two of these challenges at once, but she is dealing with 5 or 6 issues that are literally consuming most, if not all, of her time.

Even in the midst of that I haven’t ever heard her say, “Why me?” She has just kept plugging along.

In my hope to provide some encouragement to the situation, I offered a different perspective. 

Here it is. In situations where a person is growing, improving, building, changing, moving towards a goal, vision or desired action – when they’ve committed to something – they will encounter obstacles, challenges, opposition, and resistance.

We simply don’t experience resistance standing still. Unless it’s gravity.

I’ve seen and experienced it myself over and over and over again. I’ve observed it in others too. I can’t explain why this phenomenon exists other than to say that our resolve and commitment to our cause is being tested.

Why can’t it just be smooth sailing? Why must we be punished for doing something good, for improving, I often ask.

Let me save you some time. Asking those questions will lead to a dead end. Stop worrying about why.

Rather, consider the resistance and challenges you are encountering as a sign.


The more resistance we experience often suggests the bigger and better the goal or direction you are pursuing.

What it really comes down to is whether or not we have the guts, determination and will to persevere through until we see a breakthrough.

Feeling like things are tough. GOOD!!!!! You are in the right place. Don’t you dare quit! Don’t even think about it.

Here are a couple strategies that I use when I am feeling challenged. Perhaps you can apply some yourself.

  1. Review my vision. I get refocused on the reason WHY I am doing what I am doing. My work and effort are honorable and improving the lives of 100’s perhaps 1000’s of lives every year. My vision is important and worth the fight. (I fight for and with my clients)
  2. Consider the worst-case scenario and ask myself this question – “Can I live with the outcome?” Here is a popular clique. “What doesn’t kill me will make me stronger.”
  3. Get support. I turn to mentors, coaches (yes, I have a mentor) and experts to help me navigate through situations. They offer insight and perspectives that help me see my blind spots.
  4. Get into a community of people who are likeminded and challenging themselves, too. It is amazing when business owners gather and begin to see how their peers experience the same challenges and issues in their lives and businesses as they pursue their vision. It makes them feel like they are not alone.
  5. Keep moving. Take some action. Don’t get paralyzed. And don’t retreat. Don’t you dare!
  6. Embrace the adventure and the challenge. Life is about ups and downs. The downs are good too. Yes, it pains me to say that. It is way easier said than lived. But it is a healthy perspective. Some of my most difficult challenges in life taught me massive lessons and, more importantly, made me a better person.
  7. Engage your team. A good friend reminded me the other day that a motivated, focused, and committed team will always accomplish more than one person possibly can. Engage your team. Show them the vision. Ask them to join you and fight for the vision and dream too. Don’t have a team? See point #4 again.

How do you cope? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

There are good things, greatness within you. If you are battling – then good. Battle on. I am right there with you.

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