Letter from Leadership

Dear Friends,

How is 2022 going so far for you? Are you taking those small steps each day to meet your yearly goals? Here’s to hoping you find the luck of the Irish this month as we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on March 17th. Remember that holidays throughout the year are a great opportunity for fun touchpoints with your clients to remind them you’re always there for them.

In this month’s issue of The Journal, we’re diving into building real estate into retirement plans. Authors will discuss valuable tips related to IRA structuring and other ways to help you or your clients take advantage of real estate opportunities to support retirement. As always, Fletcher Wilcox will also share a market update specific to Arizona. His articles do a wonderful job breaking down the data and providing valuable interpretations that can help inform your next move.

The next iteration of our seminar series will be “How to Buy Real Estate in a Retirement Plan” on Friday, March 25th. I hope you will join us via Livestream from 9:00am – 12:30pm to learn how an IRA can own real estate to produce tax deferred or tax-free profit. From doing a cash deal, partnering with others, or having the IRA take a mortgage, a non-traditional IRA helps to truly diversify a portfolio. You can help clients roll over old retirement plans to take advantage of real estate investments.

Hope to see you there!




Greg Muir

Executive Vice President



Jenny Hogan-Lizarraga