Weekly Motivation

Randy Cooney
Success Institute for Real Estate Professionals


As many of those New Year resolutions have already slipped away, I have now chosen to label the days of the week giving more meaning and purpose to each day as opposed to a whole year. It is written in the first person to provide more ownership to myself and you, the reader. 


Marvelous Monday

I have an “air” of excitement and anticipation

for the goals and reveals of this week.

Might even be overheard uttering

TGIM, for I love my work.


Get-To-It Tuesday 

I am all about and focused on

getting to all that matters most.



I have an In-It-to-Win-It attitude

  1. Getting-Through-It or Over-It as

“Hump Day” used to imply.


Thoughtful Thursday

In the busy-ness of this day

I will take a bit of time to reach

out to someone who matters.

Letting them know how much

they matter to me and the

positive difference their life

makes in the lives of others.

Finish-It Friday

Today I will put “bows”

as in “finishing touches”

on a multitude of projects.

Sensational Saturday

On this day I will do something

fun, meaningful and memorable

for myself and others.

Sacred Sunday

This day, I shall ‘religiously’ and “faithfully’

block-out time to reconnect, renew

reflect, relax, and reenergize.