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Classroom and campus reopening information

As many of you know, we closed our campus locations last year due to COVID-19. While we continued to bring you our Self-Paced Online course format and introduced Instructor-led Livestream offerings, we recognize that many of you prefer the experience of sitting in a classroom and interacting with other students and your instructors. We’re dedicated to delivering options when it comes to learning methods so you can choose the experience that best meets your needs and learning style. With summer quickly approaching, we are thrilled to announce that we will be reopening our on-site locations in a phased approach – beginning with our real estate sales pre-licensing daytime program at our Scottsdale and Tucson (Hogan) campus locations, both with limited capacity seating. Please see below for additional information.

After a challenging 14 months, ASREB and Hogan (Tucson) will return to classroom course offerings in a phased approach. The enthusiasm from the staff, students, and instructors is exhilarating and we cannot wait to welcome you back to a live classroom setting!  

Our Scottsdale and Tucson(Hogan) facilities will reopen on June 21, 2021. At this time we will be offering our real estate sales pre-licensing 9 day -- Day Program (ASREB, Scottsdale) and our 3 Week -- Day Program (Hogan, Tucson) on-site. Schedule details and links to register for these on-campus classes are included below. Each campus will be equipped with hand-sanitizer and incorporate ongoing extensive cleaning. Our mask policy follows CDC and state guidelines: All vaccinated individuals will not be required to wear a mask, and unvaccinated individuals will be required to wear a mask. 

As we move further into 2021, we’ll keep you updated on the latest classroom offerings, including additional industries and continuing education, as well as our other campus reopenings. For now, please join us in celebrating this very important first step and opening our doors once again.

Please note: Currently scheduled real estate Self-Paced Online and Instructor-led Livestream courses on our website for all industries will continue to be offered as planned.

Should you need any further assistance, please reach out to our Student Services Team at 800-659-8088 or info@asreb.com



Online and Livestream options are available for you to start today, and in-person courses start back up on June 21st. Register today!

Real Estate Broker Pre-license Courses are now available via Livestream and online self-paced (ASREB and Hogan in cooperation with each other).



Continuing Education Courses: Continuing Education Courses are being offered both online and Livestream and are being offered by both ASREB and Hogan in cooperation with each other.

Appraisal Continuing Education: Online courses are available to meet your continuing education deadlines. Livestream courses are available in partnership with McKissock Learning.

Broker Management Clinics: Courses are available online and via Livestream to meet your Pre-license and Continuing Education needs.

Introduction to Contract Writing Course: Now available via live streaming and self-paced online. View the livestream schedule here.



Real Estate Crammer available via Livestream. Register as you normally would, and you will access your zoom registration link in your online student account.

Real Estate Workshop available via Livestream. Register as you normally would, and you will receive an email notification with access instructions before your class.

Math Review available via Livestream. Register as you normally would, and you will receive an email notification with access instructions before your class.



Open Houses available via Livestream. Register as you normally would, and you will receive an email notification with access instructions.

Career Expos available via Livestream. Register as you normally would, and you will receive an email notification with access instructions.

Impact to candidate exam schedules

We know you have questions about the status of your exam and rescheduling or scheduling new exam appointments at this time. Please visit Pearson Vue's FAQs to find out how to reschedule your exam.

For additional information, visit https://home.pearsonvue.com/coronavirus-update 

How will I know if my exam is canceled?
You will receive an email cancellation notice and you will either receive a refund (if paid to Pearson VUE) or an extension as determined by your exam sponsor. You can also log in to your Pearson VUE account to see if you can still see your upcoming exam appointment.

If you are still able to see your upcoming exam appointment, please expect your exam to go ahead as planned, but with additional health and safety measures in place.

Can I reschedule my exam at this time?
Yes. You should attempt to reschedule your exam through your online Pearson VUE account. The system will only allow you to book exams on dates that will be available for testing.

If you have additional questions regarding voucher usage or testing windows, please visit your exam program's homepage to speak to the customer service team associated with your program.


Health and safety measures at Pearson VUE-owned test centers

At our company-owned test centers, we are following recommendations from the CDC and World Health Organization for preventing the spread of COVID-19 and protecting test candidates and our staff.

Per the recommendations from global health organizations, Pearson VUE has implemented, or is in the process of implementing, additional distancing measures within all of our Pearson VUE-owned testing centers.

We will continue to:
  • Make hand sanitizer available in the waiting area and prior to entering the testing room
  • Increase our cleaning and disinfecting regimens in between all testing appointments
  • Provide tissues to candidates upon arrival at the test center
  • Permit candidates to wear a mask or disposable gloves if they choose
  • Remind candidates to wash their hands or utilize hand sanitizer upon arrival at the test center
What candidates should know:
  • You will be asked to acknowledge that you have not been in contact with any affected persons or traveled to affected areas and that you are not exhibiting any symptoms.
  • If you are exhibiting flu-like symptoms, such as fever and/or respiratory difficulties, when you arrive at the test center, you may be asked to reschedule your exam for a later date.
  • Please cover your nose and mouth in case of sneezing or coughing.
  • We are allowing candidates to wear disposable gloves during testing. Test administrators will inspect the gloves both before and after the exam, and the gloves will be disposed of in front of the proctor upon completion of the test.
  • If you are unwell or exhibiting symptoms, such as fever and/or respiratory difficulties, please reschedule your testing appointment in advance.
  • Some regional test centers may require candidates to provide a temperature check upon arrival.

We also encourage our third-party test centers to implement these precautionary measures.

We understand that there may be concerns regarding our school testing rooms. 

We're committed to making your classroom a safe space to learn during this uncertain time. Below we outline some important information about your testing rooms

We're focused on clean exam classrooms.

Arizona School of Real Estate and Business is working with all of our testing room facilities (shopping centers) to ensure the spaces are cleaned thoroughly.

Each testing room will also have additional hand sanitizer cleaning supplies available to students during class.

We'll notify you if your exam/course is cancelled or the schedule changes.

If we determine it’s best to cancel a exam/course due to local outbreaks, you'll be notified via email prior to the course. We'll work with you to reschedule your exam/course free of charge.

Please don’t attend an exam/course if you are not feeling well or come into contact with someone who has COVID-19.

If you're not feeling well or have been in contact with someone with COVID-19, please contact us to reschedule your in-person exam/course. We'll help you enroll in another course that fits your schedule.

You will not be charged for changing your course.

The safety of our students, instructors and staff are our utmost priority. We'll accommodate your exam/course change free of charge.

You can take your CE electives online.

If you need your CE electives (which ADRE allows to be taken online), you can choose to take an online class or view our livestreaming options.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

You can email us at quality@asreb.com or call us at 1-800-659-8088.

Stay updated on safety recommendations.

We recommend the CDC’s website as a resource for prevention and treatment for COVID-19.

In our Livestream courses, you'll learn in real-time via Zoom webinar with experienced instructors. Review our Zoom Best Practices video to see what the Livestream learning experience is like! Per recent ADRE guidelines, you must be present on your video feed at all times in order to receive course credit. You may not hide your video as the Best Practices describe.

Have a question? Call us at 800-659-8088 We’re here to help!

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