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Laying Down the Law, Property Management

Christopher J. Charles Attorney, Provident Law   Real estate brokers work hard to earn their commissions. And they use specialized training and experience to secure the right buyer for the seller’s unique property. As a result, brokers deserve to be justly compensated for the value they bring to each transaction. Most commonly, brokers negotiate with… Read more

Property Management Perspective

Property Management

Ed Drummond Founder, Capstone Realty Professionals   Leading into 2020 we had exceptionally high hopes for our property management business. As I write this, we have just entered our second month collecting rents after COVID made its debut on the Arizona economy. It seems our previous way of running our property management business in the… Read more

Market Update: Some Positive Arizona Numbers Going Into the Coronavirus Storm April Sales, Listings, Purchase Price, Estimated Months of Supply

Market Update, Property Management

Fletcher Wilcox V.P. Business Development & Real Estate Analyst, Grand Canyon Title Agency   Arizona finished 2019 with some of the best economic and population numbers among all 50 states. GDP for Arizona in 2019 was 3.1% higher than 2018 and was the seventh-highest percentage increase among all states. The personal income of Arizonians in… Read more

Leasing and Property Management: A Forgotten Option

Journal Industry Award Recipient, Property Management

Chris Sanchez 101 Realty & Management 2019 Residential Real Estate Property Manager of the Year   When you think of leasing and property management, what are a few words that come to mind? I know for most in the real estate industry, a few would be tenant complaints, late night maintenance calls, late rent payments,… Read more

Three Leasing Trends To Look For

Property Management

Sarah Richardson Founder and CEO, Tru Realty   In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the experts are on-edge trying to figure out what the housing industry will look like when the dust settles. Government officials had to make difficult decisions to keep everyone safe, and although it can feel like these are dark times… Read more

June 2020 – Letter From the School VP

Property Management, Publisher's Letter

Greg Muir Executive Vice President, Arizona Journal of Real Estate & Business    Dear Friends, At Arizona School of Real Estate and Business, we’re doing everything we can to get back to “normal” dealing with the impacts of COVID-19. As always, our number one goal remains to ensure student safety while delivering the quality education… Read more

Time Management is Old School. It’s All About Energy!

Property Management

Eden Sunshine Vice President, Realty Executives   I was physically exhausted, drained, and unable to focus. I would lose my train of thought and could hardly keep my eyes opened. Within an hour of waking up in the morning, I was ready for a nap. I was wiped out, yet had to keep-up with work,… Read more

Misperceptions of Down Payment Assistance Programs (DPA’s)

Special COVID-19 Edition

Dirk Swift Program Director, Home Plus   In the 80’s, my wife and I would likely have been profiled as typical homebuyers. In the area now known as Westgate, we purchased our first home in 1985 for $80,000. It was a brand new, 1450 square foot house, with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. At the time,… Read more


Laying Down the Law, Special COVID-19 Edition

Christopher J. Charles Attorney, Provident Law   Why are real estate contracts so long? The initial REALTOR® Residential Resale Real Estate Purchase Contact was about one page; today, it is ten pages, not including the various addenda and disclosure forms. Excellent contract drafting aims to memorialize the parties’ agreement, including their rights and responsibilities, and tries… Read more

Commercial Leases and Force Majeure

Special COVID-19 Edition

David Allen Partner, Jaburg | Wilk Attorneys at Law   Until recently, many commercial landlords and tenants had never heard of the term “force majeure,” and even if they had, few really understood what it meant. Amongst the countless changes in our lives since the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic, is the realization by commercial… Read more

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