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LAYING DOWN THE LAW – Death and taxes: The Statutory Requirements for Purchasing, Redeeming and Foreclosing on Tax Liens in Arizona

Laying Down the Law

Christopher J. Charles, Esq.   Phillip A. Overcash, Esq. Two things in life are certain: death and taxes. And if you don’t pay your taxes, there can be severe consequences. For example, if you fail to pay your property taxes, someone else can swoop in, pay the tax liability, and then ultimately claim title to… Read more

New Year Intentional Career

Lloyd Fox Designated Broker and Owner, Long Realty the FOX Group Whether you’re new to real estate or you’ve been at it for a while, the most rewarding careers are the ones where an agent takes control of his or her own future. A successful independent contractor knows the value of turning into a multiple-hat-wearing… Read more

A Message From Commissioner Judy Lowe

Commissioner Judy Lowe Arizona Department of Real Estate   Focus on Education Update – Exciting changes are being implemented in Arizona’s real estate education… (Pre-Licensing education and Continuing Education).  Arizona has always been recognized as having a high standard for education of the real estate profession.  However, as the profession adjusts to the changes that… Read more

Advice from an Expert: Tax Lien Investing


Jim Hogan Hogan School of Real Estate  If you’ve got some investment dollars sitting in a bank account at low interest rates, maybe it’s time to re-think your investing strategy. Tax liens offer a high return on investment, without management hassles. If you haven’t taken the time to investigate property tax liens as an investment,… Read more

Market Update

Market Update

Fletcher Wilcox Grand Canyon Title Agency   November Median Purchase Price The median purchase price for a previously owned single family home in Maricopa County is holding steady. In November 2018 for the second month in a row it was $290,000. Up from $287,000 in September.  The November 2018 median purchase price of $290,000 is… Read more

The State of the Arizona Economy


Sarah Kirsch Richardson Principal/Designated Broker, Tru Realty   Investing in tax liens can be risky business, but with the right information in-hand, it can be a successful addition to your portfolio. January (or sooner!) is a great time to build a base of knowledge on tax lien investments because every one of Arizona’s 15 counties… Read more

What You Need to Know About Tax Liens


Chris Bianco Owner/Broker, Weichert Realtors   Tax liens can be a very a tricky issue with questions of who pays the tax, can you buy them and if you buy them, can you foreclose? In this article is information that may help you understand some of the complexities of tax liens. So, who pays them?… Read more

Succeeding at Investing in Property Tax Liens

Investing, Legal

Kristin E. Rosan Partner, Madison & Rosan, LLP Attorneys at Law   As is typical with government programs, there is a very specific statutory process for buying, holding and then foreclosing on a property tax lien. Understanding what the law requires will allow you to capitalize on this little-known investment opportunity. A tax lien is… Read more



Charles “Hos” Hoskins Retired Maricopa County Treasurer   The next delinquent property tax lien auction for Maricopa County will be on February 5, 2019 for the 2017 tax year. A list of the liens will be published in mid-January. Bidding is online only and will begin when the list is published and close on February… Read more

How to Start the New Year Off Right in Multifamily Investment

Property Management

Terry Kass Owner | Designated Broker, GPCI Multifamily & Land Development   Now that the New Year has begun, you’re probably wondering what kind of year 2019 will turn out to be. Well, here is what the multifamily industry professionals are saying: “Strong rent growth, favorable yield, and robust inbound migration should keep the buyers… Read more

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