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Arizona State Land

LISA A. ATKINS Commissioner, Arizona State Land Department   In 1910, the U.S. Congress passed the Arizona Enabling Act authorizing the Arizona Territory to prepare for statehood. Included in the 1910 Enabling Act were designated lands granted in Trust to the Territory of Arizona to assist with a base to support our common schools (K-12… Read more

Land Market Update

Market Update

GREG VOGEL CEO, Arizona Land Advisors The land market in our region has experienced several super cycles. The boom of 1985-1987 ended horrifically with the S&L crisis AKA RTC days. It took until 1995 to begin a new phase that lifted our land economy steadily until the grand finale of 2004 -2006 and it all… Read more

A Message From Commissioner Judy Lowe

Commissioner Judy Lowe Arizona Department of Real Estate   Governor Doug Ducey has set forward a path for Arizona state agencies to develop and succeed in a culture of continual improvement through adoption of the Arizona Management System (AMS). The Arizona Department of Real Estate is focusing on process improvement, enhancing services through technology and… Read more

Publisher’s Letter: November Issue

Tricia Covert Publisher, Arizona Journal of Real Estate & Business Welcome to the planning season. Many of us are now in the process of reviewing the past year to set our business strategy for the new year ahead. There is no doubt that our city’s theme for 2017 has been growth: jobs, population and homes…. Read more

2018 National & Local Home Market

Nadia Evangelou Research Economist, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® While we are inching closer to the end of the year, it is time we take a moment to conduct a housing market recap and forecast for 2018. Closing activity for existing home sales at the national level has been choppy, but so far generally higher than… Read more

Projections for the Single-Family Homes Market

Fletcher Wilcox Founder, The Wilcox Report Previously-owned single-family homes comprise the majority of residential sales — approximately 80 percent of all residential real estate sales in the Arizona Regional Multiple Listings Services, Inc. (ARMLS). On an annual basis, the volume of previously-owned single-family homes are three to four times greater than new single-family home sales…. Read more

The Use of ‘Options’ in Commercial Leases

David Allen Partner, Jaburg & Wilk There are many reasons why a Landlord and Tenant may choose to include an “option” in a commercial lease. The most common type of option is one that gives the Tenant the right to extend the lease term, usually for additional — sometimes two or more — terms of… Read more

A Review of Investment Markets

Paul Ohanian Founder & CEO, Scottsdale Wealth Planning, Inc. I tend to preach the virtues of a globally diversified portfolio. While resisting temptation to use past performance to predict future returns, this quarter underscored a valuable lesson for investors: There is a world of opportunity out there. Here is my assessment of the markets for… Read more

Market Summary

Michael Orr Founder & Owner, The Cromford® Report Michael Orr is the founder & owner of the Cromford® Report Michael can be reached at  

A Demand for Talent: Arizona Job Market

Max Hansen CEO & Co-Founder, Y Scouts Phoenix Metro is now home to more than 1.6 million people with a diverse economy built on the foundation of tourism, manufacturing, healthcare, tech, financial and educational institutions. Maricopa County was recently named as the nation’s fastest growing county, adding residents, jobs and wages at a higher rate… Read more

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