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Arizona Real Estate Broker License Course

Temporarily Approved for Livestreaming

You’ve been an agent for the past 3 years and now you’re ready to get to the next level. With your Broker’s license you will gain:

  • More career options in the real estate industry
  • Meet the education needed to enter into management
  • Increased credibility and stature in the market
  • Create an opportunity for a higher earning potential
Course Registration and Payment are required 48-hours prior to your class start date to guarantee a seat in the course. Any registration taken less than 48-hours, will be subject to availability.


 How Do I Become A Broker In Arizona 

I took all of the required brokers courses from Arizona School of Real Estate. Loved the classes and the instructors were great. All having many years of experience and bringing various aspects of real estate to the classes.

Tina G., Real Estate Broker Licensing

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