Real Estate Education for High Schoolers and Graduates

Written By: Tricia Covert
Editor, Arizona Journal of Real Estate & Business
Marketing Manager, Arizona School of Real Estate & Business


In March of this year, our school had the privilege of visiting a number of Valley high school classrooms to talk to nearly 1,000 juniors and seniors about Arizona real estate. During our visit, students were updated on topics such as the effects of the recession, current market conditions and the different professional roles in the industry. A questionnaire was also handed out to give students a way to self-test their knowledge as it relates to “real-life,” real estate scenarios. Most of the high schoolers discovered they had a false perception of fundamentals such as renter rights and general real estate processes. At the end of the classroom visit, we invited students to a free 3-day workshop held at our Scottsdale campus.

The 3-day workshop series is designed to give Arizona high school graduates better decision-making skills as they move on to the next phase of their life. It focuses on useful real estate information such as renting, credit scores, the real estate transaction process, what’s involved in purchasing a home and career options that may be useful for an income source during college. Students also earn a Graduate of Real Estate Principals (GREP) Designation to enhance college applications and/or resumes after they complete the series. We were very pleased to receive a fantastic response from high school students and their parents.

This coming school year (2015/2016) we will be increasing the number of workshops as a result of requests from parents and students: one in the fall and one in the spring. Most of the students who attended in March were from Scottsdale Unified School District, Brophy and Xavier College Preparatory – we will continue to extend the workshops to these schools as well as consider others.
Many senior students also expressed interest in getting a real estate license during our classroom visits. Every year the summer months bring high school graduates to our school. A common trend for high school graduates is to get a real estate license before college to either work in real estate during college, apply the information toward a selected college degree such as Environmental Planning or simply to gain general knowledge before they go out on their own. It’s also very common for a parent and child to get a license together– experiencing real estate education with a “friend” is very popular.

We welcome high school graduates to our campus this summer – special incentives are available for those interested (see below). Students are required to be at least 18 years old to take the state exam; however, courses can be taken beforehand if a graduate is approaching the age this summer.  We look forward to helping these upcoming adults achieve their goals and arm them with “real-life” knowledge to take on the world ahead.


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*Must show high school ID or diploma for discount. $100 discount applies to the total amount of two registrations. Call 480-946-5388 to register.