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Mortgage Overview, Loan Types & Pricing

Livestream - AZ

We will cover a brief history of the mortgage industry and introduces key players that are part of influencing markets. Additionally, this class describes financing instruments used for home lending…

Loan Eligibility and Application Process

Livestream - AZ

In this class we will examine the loan process from a more practical standpoint. After completing this chapter, you will be able to: - Describe the initial stages for qualifying…

Loan Processing and Underwriting

Livestream - AZ

A loan processor is the intermediary between the lender and the underwriter. The loan processor works with the lender to prepare the loan file for the underwriter and works with…

Property Ownership Fundamentals & The Closing

Livestream - AZ

A loan processor is part of the financing that allows for the purchase of many different types of property with different types of ownership, restrictions, and title history. In this…

Consumer Protection & Putting It All Together

Livestream - AZ

Fair and equitable treatment in housing and real estate financing transactions is a right by law. The United States Congress, the U.S. Supreme Court, states, counties, and municipalities have made…

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