What do you do when you can’t fit another regular weekly commitment into your schedule but want to earn your real estate license? Consider self-paced real estate courses. Let’s dive deep into at-your-own-pace real estate schools. We’ll discuss selecting the right school and meeting the Arizona license requirements.

Key Takeaways

  • Advantages of Self-Paced Learning: Self-paced real estate courses offer flexibility, personalized learning, reduced pressure, increased motivation, and cost-effectiveness, making them ideal for self-motivated learners, busy professionals, parents, senior citizens, and those in remote locations.
  • Selecting an Online Platform: When choosing a real estate school, ensure it is accredited by the Arizona Department of Real Estate (ADRE), check the school’s exam performance summary, understand the access duration for course materials, and verify if they offer career fairs and industry updates.
  • Arizona Licensing Requirements: To become a real estate agent in Arizona, enroll in an accredited school like ASREB, complete a background check, create a study plan, pass the licensing exam, and submit your application and fees to the ADRE.
  • Career Support and Continuing Education: Choose a real estate school that offers career expos, keeps up with industry updates, and provides continuing education to support your career growth and compliance with ongoing education requirements.
  • Getting Started: ASREB provides comprehensive support, including online, livestream, and in-person classes, as well as resources for fingerprinting and exam preparation, allowing students to complete their licensing process and begin their real estate careers.

Advantages of Self-Paced Online Learning for Real Estate

Self-paced learning allows you to complete classes at your own pace and on your own time. Besides being perfect for students requiring a flexible schedule, there are other advantages to self-paced courses.
Personalized: Self-paced learners can spend more time on confusing topics and less time on themes they have already mastered.
Reduced pressure: Self-paced courses have no strict deadlines or time constraints. This approach to learning may be more relaxing and enjoyable.
Increased motivation: When learners have control over their learning pace, they tend to be more motivated and engaged.
Cost-effective: In many cases, self-paced courses are more affordable than traditional classroom-based learning.
Self-paced learning is perfect for the following populations:
  • Self-motivated learners
  • Busy professionals
  • Parents and caregivers
  • Senior citizens
  • Those living in remote locations
You may already be sold on self-paced learning but need help selecting a real estate school. Keep reading to learn how to choose the right online education provider.

Choosing the Right Online Platform

Many education options exist for those wanting to become an Arizona real estate agent. How do you choose the right online platform for your coursework? Here are some questions to consider when selecting a real estate school.

Is the school accredited?

Real estate schools must be accredited by the Arizona Department of Real Estate (ADRE). Accredited schools and instructors must meet qualifications for providing online education to prospective students. It’s worth noting that the ADRE also publishes an Exam Performance Summary by School. Look at the number of people from each school taking the licensing exam and the percentage of those who passed. This data is invaluable for those of you who are choosing a real estate school.

How long do you have to take the course?

Even though self-paced schools allow you to complete coursework at your leisure, most online real estate schools only allow you to access materials for a specific amount of time. Before signing up for classes, make sure you understand how long you have to complete the courses.

Does the school offer career fairs?

Real estate agents in Arizona must work under the supervision of a broker. Some real estate schools help their students connect with brokerages in their area by hosting Career Expos. These networking opportunities help students make industry connections, which may lead to a job.

Does the real estate school keep up with industry updates and offer continuing education?

Real estate is an ever-evolving industry. It’s essential that your real estate school keeps on top of topics, like the recent NAR court case, so you are well informed of what is happening in the industry.
In addition, look for a real estate school that can serve you throughout your career. For example, real estate agents in Arizona must complete 24 hours of continuing education. After a few years, you may consider taking broker license courses.

Understanding Arizona Licensing Requirements

How do you get started with your Arizona real estate licensing requirements? Here are the steps to becoming an agent.

Step 1: Enroll in an accredited real estate school.

Consider Arizona School of Real Estate and Business (ASREB). ASREB was founded in 1969, and we offer online, livestream, and in-person classes. Online students have six months of access to our materials (extensions are available!). In addition, ASREB offers Career Expos, so you can connect with hiring brokerages in your area.

Step 2: Complete the fingerprinting process for your background check.

Real estate agents in every state must pass a background check. ASREB can help you with the fingerprinting process. Go to the ASREB offices in Scottsdale or Glendale and complete the process in person.

Step 3: Create a study plan. Take and pass the Arizona Real Estate salesperson exam.

Creating a study plan is essential for students working at their own pace. Give yourself plenty of time to review the content and go over exam prep courses.

Step 4: Submit your application and fees to the Arizona Department of Real Estate.

Once you have passed your licensing exam and are employed by a brokerage, it’s time to celebrate! You are free to help clients buy, sell, or lease properties in Arizona.
Get started on your self-paced online courses with ASREB. Start today and take control of your future!

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